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The Ghost of Hangman's Bridge trailer


•Feb 19, 2012


Won the PIFFy Award for Best Trailer! Plomondon Independent Film Festival FEBRUARY 17 & 18, 2012 The audio is from an old recording... read along. FRIENDS, I AM Eugene Barnett, one of the victims of the Centralia Conspiracy. The Centralia Conspiracy is an important case in labor history. It was a raid on a union hall, the Lumber Workers Industrial Union of the IWW, on November the 11th, 1919, by a group of vigilantes organized by the Southwest lumber barons of the state of Washington to break up the union there and drive it out the lumber trust had decided that the union was becoming too strong for them. Thank you, Mike and Di the Morgan Arts Centre 190 Plomondon Road, Toledo, Washington 98591 (360) 864-4ART This is 15 years of research with interviews of people who were in town and seen the battle between the Wobblies and the town mob. And the death of one Wobbly who also served in WWl then lynched at a bridge. No one was brought to justice to his murder... now a cold case. Ghost of Hangman's Bridge is based on a true story, actual events leading to... about a logging/sawmill town in the NW States. The town mob wants to make a statement, to rid of those Wobblies in their town. On the first anniversary of Armistice Day, the end of WWl on November 11, 1919, to end all wars. Many towns celebrated by having parades, this town the townspeople were excited, but the tension is building as the paraders, the Legions marched straight to the IWW hall and the gun battle began. The crowd ran in every direction as the bullets follow... killing several Legions and injures many people. Help bring this upcoming documentary feature to light. This is a low Budget $7million - 10million film and to be in theatres by November 2014 for the 95th anniversary of the Centralia Parade Massacre. Some scenes will be re-enactment: Parade - the actual street where it happened 100 years ago Gun battle - during the parade, logging, Skookumchuck River, Graves, Bureau of Investigation, Logging camps, Saw Mill, and scenes in original Montesano Municipal Courthouse - which will be at the actual courthouse where 11 Wobblies sentenced Walla Walla Penitentiary Leave commits is appreciated! Thank you for your interest and commits!


Film Editor

Ursula Richards



Centralia, 1989 (feat. Orville Johnson, Jay Mabin & Cary Black)


Joe Weihe


Washington Notebook - Linda Allen

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